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Yuan in standby mode

Starting from Monday to this day in China there are exchange weekends associated with the new year on the lunar calendar, and rest in China will be until the end of this week.

07 February 2019
European indices mainly grew

On Friday, January 25, the key stock markets of the European region ended the trading session mainly in the positive territory due to the rise in the price of shares of the high-tech sector, as well as representatives of the automotive sector and producers of basic resources, while among the main outsiders of trading were securities of telecommunications companies.

28 January 2019
Only high-tech sector in India got into the "green" zone

On Friday, January 25, the key stock indices of India finished trading in the negative territory, while only the high-tech sector got into the "green" zone. So Nifty IT has advanced 0.45%, while the largest decline was recorded Nifty Auto, Nifty and Nifty Realty Media retreated by 3.25%, 4,38% of 16.37%, respectively.

25 January 2019

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