Date of publication: 14 March 2019
Waterproofing Penetron used in the construction of residential complex "Nord" in Rostov-on-don.
Residential complex "Nord" -a neighborhood, which is built in the Northern residential area of Rostov-on-don. The project provides for the construction of sixteen multi-storey buildings, and the first houses are ready to move in.

The main difficulty in the implementation of this large-scale project was the protection of buildings from the damaging effects of groundwater. Their high level and powerful pressure led to leaks in the basements of some houses under construction. To restore the waterproofing, the developer attracted specialists from Penetron-don. As a result, all the buried premises were protected with the help of innovative materials of Penetron system. This is a penetrating waterproofing that modifies the structure of concrete, making it absolutely waterproof, and for the entire life of the object.

It should be noted that the use of penetrating waterproofing Penetron will not only provide a comfortable environment for residents, but also save them money in the future, because it will allow to abandon the restoration repairs required when using other waterproofing materials.
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