Options Traders Bet Bitcoin Rise To $52,000 - Bearish and Perfect Scenarios

After bitcoin’s rise to $24 000, analysts set the following targets in the centre of the $30 000–40 000 range. At the same time, there are more and more assumptions about a short-term pullback. Both bearish and bullish scenarios have their supporters, giving good reasons to justify their expectations.

30 December 2020

Today we will look at few debt securities as investment ideas for this week

29 December 2020
"Now $50K bitcoin doesn't seem impossible.” 5 results of 2020

2020 has taken the cryptocurrency industry to a whole new level. Let’s remember the most important events of the past year together?

28 December 2020
526% in 10 months. What was Bitcoin's journey to its all-time high?

From entertainment for geeks, the first cryptocurrency moved to the class of real assets, now banks, investment funds and insurance companies work with it. How did the “financial bubble” become one of the most promising instruments?

25 December 2020
US Treasury plans to regulate cryptocurrency wallets

The US Treasury is about to introduce new rules for money operators who conduct transactions involving offline cryptocurrency wallets.

23 December 2020

IDEA #1: RUSSIA 28 The most liquid issue on the Moscow Exchange in the line of Eurobonds of the RF Ministry of Finance. The spread in yield to UST remains wide (50 bp) relative to the dock levels, which creates potential for further price growth. Unlike Eurobonds of Russian banks and corporations, the bonds of the Ministry of Finance are completely devoid of ruble risk: when selling (redeeming) sovereign Eurobonds, the income in the form of exchange rate differences is exempted from paying personal income tax. From this point of view, sovereign Eurobonds are quite comparable to direct investment in dollars or euros (while the holder of the Eurobond also receives a coupon income). Due to the sanctions, the RF Ministry of Finance does not place new dollar-denominated Eurobonds, which creates a shortage of securities with Russian sovereign risk as the issues mature. The peculiarity of the Eurobond maturing in 2028 is that, due to its very high coupon rate (12.75% per annum), it offers a high level of current yield (the ratio of coupon payments expected over the next 12 months to the current market price).

22 December 2020
Yesterday, “Solar Wind” caused Bitcoin to rise above $23 500

The Bitcoin rate added more than $3 500 in yesterday's trading, showing the maximum one-day gain this year, exceeding the size of the fall of “Black Thursday” on March 12th. The cryptocurrency price has risen 15ove long-term three-year highs, which violates the market principles. Financial instruments usually do not pass such important levels at one time without a corrective movement.

21 December 2020
What will happen to Bitcoin in December? Experts forecasts:

The price of bitcoin several times approached the $ 20 thousand mark but could not overcome it. Three representatives of the cryptocurrency industry told of what the chances are that this will happen before the end of the year and how low the price of an asset can go.

04 December 2020

Today we will look at few debt securitiies as investment ideas for this week

02 December 2020
Bloomberg points to 5 metrics that continue to support Bitcoin's growth

According to experts interviewed by Bloomberg, that despite the sharp decline in the exchange rate on Thursday, the recent rise of bitcoin to historical highs shows signs of development of a large asset class, and not the formation of another bubble. Experts continue by stating that, the cryptocurrency market has become much deeper and more liquid since the bull rally in 2017, which continues to attract major Wall Street players.

30 November 2020
Bitcoin exchange rate exceeds the $19 000 mark for the first time since December 2017

The price of bitcoin overcame the psychologically significant level of $19 000, taking another step to the historic highs just below $20 000. At the time of this publication, the first cryptocurrency is trading at about $19 100, adding 3.7% per day.

25 November 2020

Today we will look at few debt securitiies as investment ideas for this week

24 November 2020
The government will never be able to ban Bitcoin, and here is why

Recently, a renowned billionaire Ray Dalio voiced his concerns about a potential government ban on cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, government agencies simply cannot afford to develop any alternatives to the modern financial system. His comments sparked a storm of discussion in the cryptocurrency community.

20 November 2020
Bitcoin rate has updated its maximum since December 2017

The price of the cryptocurrency increased to the level of $18.5K. Before the update of the historical maximum of $20K, the asset remains with 8% growth.

19 November 2020

Today we will look at few debt securitiies as investment ideas for this week

18 November 2020
Bitcoin sets a new annual high of $16 500

On Thursday, Bitcoin ended its climb to $16 000, proving to the world that it is in a full blown bull cycle and is not going to stop. The flagship cryptocurrency hit a new annual highs at $ 16 500, where it stopped. At the time of this writing, after a slight correction, BTC / USD was trading at $16 291.

16 November 2020
How much could you earn on cryptocurrency in 7 months with ₽300k.

In mid-March, cryptocurrency quotes fell sharply against the background of a general fall in financial markets due to COVID-19. Many coins updated their local price minimums, however, after that their quotes quickly recovered. We calculated how much you could earn by investing 300 thousand rubles into cryptocurrency seven months ago, if you were to sell it at the end of October (at an average market rate at 16:00 Moscow time on October 29, 2020).

11 November 2020

Today we will look at few debt securitiies as investment ideas for this week

10 November 2020
Bitcoin price renews annual high at above $14 000

Pi Capital Union analysts have stated that on Saturday 31st of October, the quotes of the first cryptocurrency in the moment reached a level of about $14 100, setting a new maximum in 2020.

05 November 2020
Commissions in the bitcoin network have increased to the indicators of January 2018

Pi Capital Union analysts have stated that the price for making transactions within the bitcoin network continues to grow. On Saturday, October 31st the average commission was $13.14.

04 November 2020
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